Our Story

The story of how three ideas became one big help to the community.

The short and sweet version…for now.

Tik Tak Designs was created to answer a need: People needed to get online and bring awareness of their products and services to an ever-growing group of people who did most of their shopping and browsing online. It started in a basement and the building after that. They added more team members and more services like photography, videography, and social media marketing. They fully live and believe their motto “We Succeed When You Succeed,” and customer success and satisfaction is the driving force behind everything they do.

Hellagraphs also started in response to a need: the window tinting Teague and Eloy had started within their company had enough demand that it needed its own identity. Their passion and ideas kept flowing and they added vinyl color changes and graphic wraps, canvases, stickers, and banners. Business kept growing, and they outgrew their first space, the newly built space after that just a year after building it, and they still have no plans of slowing down. As long as everything they do si the best in the market.

Now, both companies operate under one name: Hellagraphs. The vision remains the same, success only comes when the customer succeeds, and nothing less than the very best will do. This remains true whether you need a one-time service from us like a window tint or a website, wrapped. Over the years, the team has grown, the services have expanded, and we have built long-lasting relationships with our clients. We exist because there’s a need, and we let our dedication to customer success and satisfaction drive us on.