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Communicating with the community plays a big part in a successful business. The right video can reach your preferred audience. The creative way our videographers see the world means they can fully create your vision for your company and help you grow beyond your expectations.

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Our photographers will find many ways to capture and portray your business. Your image is important for your company’s branding, so our photographer’s “Perfect Shots” will make your business look like the “Perfect Business.”

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Meet the team!

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Nathan Gates

Lead Videographer

Nathan Gates

Nathan is our lead videographer and editor. Nathan will work hard to show your company in the best light and edit something unforgettable.

James redecop

Creative Director

James Redecop

From directing your video advertisement to curating a content strategy for your company, James leads the media team to help your company stand out through our many creative solutions.

Kevin Gasca


Kevin Gasca

As producer/scriptwriter, Kevin works in the pre-production and planning stages with our clients ensuring each video is unique.

Frequently Asked Questions
Read Some HellaGraphs FAQs!

If you are looking for photographers in Lubbock, TX, HellaGraphs has everything you need for an affordable price. Our team of photographers and videographers wants to capture the wonderful experience you are living at that moment, so you can just be yourself while we work on your pictures and videos!

When you hire a videographer in Lubbock, TX, from HellaGraphs, you are hiring someone committed to your project, and they will do everything in their hands to capture the vibe you want for your videos or pictures.

Read some of the most frequently asked questions people have about our Lubbock commercial photographers and the services we offer surrounding pictures:

Can I Hire Lubbock Wedding Photographers from HellaGraphs?

Although our workers can handle several kinds of events, we don’t do weddings. You can hire us to take pictures and videos of car shows, truck shows, and even farmers markets!

Our photographers are committed to capturing the essence of the event you are hosting and showing what you want people to see about it on our pictures!

Apart from that, you can hire a photographer for other things such as food photography services, real estate photography, family portraits, or services for marketing purposes. The only thing you need to do to hire us is to contact us and tell us the details of what you want for the project.

Capturing memorable moments is one of our specialties, so we will take dynamic photographs of everything happening in your car and truck shows. Needless to say, this only applies if you are looking for Lubbock Texas photographers. If you live in any other city and want to hire a photographer or videographer from our company, call us to see if we can get to your location.

What Other Services Does HellaGraphs Offer Apart from Photography and Videography?

Photography and videography are not the only things we can do for you since we also are experienced in marketing and web design. If you want to create an engaging website for your business, you can hire us to undergo the domain creation process and design your website to look as you picture it in your mind.

Do you want to increase your leads and sales? You should invest in marketing tools to get to more people. However, even if you hire an excellent Lubbock photographer to take photos of the services and products you offer, you won’t be able to create a marketing campaign if you haven’t done the proper branding for your company.

We can create a unique logo for your social media persona and do the branding your company needs to outgrow your competitors. As you could see, graphic design is not a problem for us, so you can also ask us to make wide-format prints for any kind of occasion. Designing company merchandise or making a commercial wrap design is not a problem for us, either.

At last, clients can hire our signage services for banners, yard signs, or any sign they need. Many videographers and photographers focus mainly on individual portrait photography or family portrait photography services, but not all of them take care of the whole branding process of your company.

We work with the best photographers out there, so we will take the pictures you need for your business and tell you how you can use them to get more leads through branding!

Can I Hire Lubbock, Texas, Photographers from HellaGraphs for an Artistic Product Photography Project?

If you are looking for photographers in Lubbock, TX, willing to work with you on an artistic product photography project, we are the ones for you. If you hire a commercial photographer in Lubbock, TX, from our creative studio, we will work closely with you to get to the true nature of what you want to show with the photos we take.

Photography is one of the most beautiful expressions of art you can perform, and every photographer working at HellaGraphs has devoted their life to learning more about how to make their photos better for you, your friends, and your family.

People are used to seeing companies promoting their products using the same style of pictures for years, so they pay close attention to the ones that take the time to do something different and unique.

We are also available if you need a commercial videographer in Lubbock, Texas, for an artistic video of your products or the services you offer.

HellaGraphs is there for anyone in need of photos for their car shows, truck shows, individual projects, companies, and more! People in Lubbock, TX, can call us anytime they need us.

How Does Your Branding Process Work?

Our Lubbock, Texas, photographers are also ready to help you with your company’s branding. You first need to meet with us and tell us your business goals and what you want your brand to show.

After that, tell us how you would like your company’s logo to look. We will design several options and help you get the best one for your business. You need to build an online persona with an engaging personality to then consolidate your brand identity and start building a decent marketing campaign.

If you need a videographer in Lubbock, TX, or photos for your social media platforms, we are also the ones for the job. Contact us now!